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During the first few months of 2009, Eschaton Books continued its work with the Avatrait Gallery in Second Life, and produced a series of books representing the shows taking place in the gallery at that time.

Much like "real world" gallery show books, these volumes reached across the virtual divide to provide a concrete expression of artwork and events that were happening within Second Life, and were ultimately nothing but data floating through the void.

Among the regrets of Avatrait and its parent company going out of business was the loss of the gallery (things simply disappear in the virtual worlds when you stop paying the bills), and the cessation of this project.

Harry Huffman
February 21 - March 6th, 2009

Sole Krams
March 7th - March 20th, 2009

March 21st - April 3rd, 2009

Joshua Morane
April 4th - April 17th, 2009