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In the decade that I ran Eschaton full-time, I worked pretty much 14-hour days, 7 days a week, and had very little time for reading ... with the sole exception of whatever "came in over the transom" as manuscript submissions. As the first version of Eschaton began to fail, I started to both have more time on my hands for reading, and a need to keep my writing chops honed, so I began to write little reviews of everything I read.

Also, during the "Eschaton I" years, I'd never throttled back on my book buying, I just never had a chance to read them, so I ended up with a rather substantial backlog of "to-be-read" piles. In 2006 I decided to make a push to get through all that, and began targeting reading 72 or more non-fiction books a year ... which I managed to do for seven straight years.

I had initially just been putting up these reviews in my personal blog, but after I joined LibraryThing.com back in 2005, I figured I'd share these in the reviews section there. However, I didn't want to "mix" that intent with the more personal stuff on my blog, so I started a second blog, BTRIPP_BOOKS, over on LiveJournal just for hosting my reviews, which I could then link to over on LibraryThing.

By the end of 2015 I had read and reviewed 700 books ... and many people had suggested to me that I should put out collections of the reviews. I eventually broke down and got going on the project, after having decided on where to start. I figured that beginning with the most recent ones first made sense, so the initial book in this series is 2015.

Click on the images above to see information about what's covered in each volume!