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From early 1993 through 2004, Eschaton Books was the expression of Brendan Tripp's vision, starting with "chapbook" editions of his poetry and evolving to a substantial voice in metaphysical publishing.
Eschaton faced the typical challenges of small presses, how to get noticed, how to get into the big stores, etc. The company's web site launched in 1996, and they were also an early participant in Amazon's system. However, the search for "major chain" distribution was what doomed Eschaton, a story for another day.
Although non-functional, the eschatonbooks.com site had continued to sit there on the web, silent, largely unvisited, like some tragic ruin. After all this time we couldn't stand the thought of it disappearing altogether, so it's been preserved here for historical interest.
In the Fall of 2008, Eschaton, zombie-like, rose from its untimely grave ... for a while. Via Tripp's affiliation with the virtual world developer Simuality, a series of "art books" were developed and produced through the print-on-demand service LuLu. These featured the work of Second Life artists whose work was presented in Simuality's virtual Avatrait gallery. Initially there was one large hardcover book, and this was followed by a series of monthly gallery show books. These can still be ordered through LuLu.com, and the links are on the Avatrait page.
Unfortunately, both Simuality, and its successor, Liminati, went out of business by mid-2009, and Eschaton Books resumed its dormant state.
However, in 2014, thanks to the advances in print-on-demand (specifically the "CreateSpace" service from Amazon) technology, Brendan Tripp picked up a long-shelved project of bringing out mass-market editions of the yearly collections that he had hand-made (in editions of a mere dozen or so copies) a quarter centrury ago. With this, Eschaton is once again in operation (if only in the form of this web site and the ownership of the ISBNs associates with the new releases).