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In 2007-2009 Brendan Tripp was Director of Communications for metaverse developers Simuality, LLC, which turned into Liminati, Inc. This was a company that created virtual world "builds" for clients and for their own internal projects, primarily within the Second Life environment.

One of the "in-house" projects was the Avatrait Gallery, which was a virtual gallery featuring virtual art, created by residents of that virtual world. Unlike several other art ventures in Second Life, Avatrait only featured works created within the virtual environment, and became a very popular destination in-world.

Avatrait had been invited to participate in the Rinascimento Virtuale museum exhibit that was part of the Festival della Creatività art event in Florence, Italy in the Fall of 2008, and we began work on a book that would represent the gallery.

About half-way through the project, Brendan took over working on the book, and everybody agreed that it should come out as an Eschaton book. In the months that followed, a number of "gallery show" books were also developed, and all these were put out through the print-on-demand company LuLu.

Unfortunately, Simuality/Liminati/Avatrait went out of business in May of 2009, which has left these books in a sort of limbo, as they are nominally "by" Avatrait, which no longer exists. The links below will take you to where you can order them, however.

Brendan is very proud of these books, and so we're featuring them here. We're in discussions on having these "officially" switched over to being Eschaton properties, at which point you may be seeing more things along these lines.

From Second Life® to Florence

Avatrait Gallery show books.